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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sexy Reaper

The She Reaper was a request ;)

What's next?  Well, in my Ambien trance, it turns out to be Princess Peach.  Just Princess Peach, you ask?  No.  Of course not!
Princess Peach sexed up and ready to take on / in some... plant monsters!  Oh no Peach!
But I assure you, she wants it - that dirty girl.

Anyway, I feel like I should talk about my situation.  You see, I had to leave college and go get a bone marrow transplant done.  I changed my mind.  I don't want to talk about it - it's all I fucking talk about these days.

I hate Boston.  My soul was left in Vermont before I left.  At the same time, I like it here.  Not in Boston, but here, right now.

I had an epiphany that fish can fly.  I was sitting in front of a tank for hours, and they can go every which way.  We're stuck to fucking ground.  Gravity and density can suck a plant monster.

I also had a dream that I drove a motorcycle across a field of pizza... it was very, very rough and I should not have lived through that experience.

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